Customer Services


Live it every day – with the entire gang! We offer the following conveniences for you and your family.

Family Washroom

A private washroom is located at the rear of the Food Court designed just for families! This unique facility is ideal for mom or dad to provide comfort to their child(ren). It is fully equipped with a diaper change station and special nursing area. One is also located near Centre Court in the corridor adjacent to Michael Hill Jeweller.

Customer With Child Parking

We have reserved 16 prime parking spots just for our family guests. They have been designed to comfortably accommodate both male and female customers with child(ren) or expecting mothers.

Mothers Nursing Area

A private area for nursing mothers is located at the rear of the Food Court in the women's washroom and in the family washroom.

Central Lockers

Too many bags and not enough hands? Lockers are available at the rear of the Food Court for day use at only 50¢ per use.
If the locker key is lost, access to goods can be obtained by contacting Security at the Customer Service kiosk. Please note that lockers are cleared out each evening as they are not available for overnight use.