Susan Elstob's (@islapearllife) Gift Guide

If we haven't met my name is Susan - voice and face behind the @islapearllife, Brand Ambassador & Personal Stylist for the Oshawa Centre and advocate for all things Holiday. Especially when it comes to being comfy and cozy so that you can actually enjoy it.

This week I'll be sharing all of my favourite things with you - and that should ultimately make their way into your stocking and under your tree this season (even if it means you buy it and say it's from Santa - just saying).

Gita Bow Mini UGG from Browns - $200.00 

These Ugg Boots, from Browns, have quickly become my favourite. Why? Because they seriously upped the ante on my 6-year old hole-filled plain tall ones that have seen MUCH better days (thank you to my friends at the Oshawa Centre for recognizing the terrible state that they were in and taking action to up my style game by gifting them to me). 

I'll be honest with you though - I would have fallen in love with these and then quickly skipped over them to buy the "more practical" pair instead of leaning into the ones that I loved and that made me a little bit giddy inside.

What these boots made me realize? We need to lean into those things that speak to us and that we love instead of reaching for the "more practical" ones. Whatever it is. So if you're buying gifts for yourself this Holiday season or someone on your list, reach for the thing that ups the ante. You won't regret it.

C&G Travel Wrap from RW & Co - $35.90 

This travel wrap from RW & Co is everything. And I rarely travel. Unless driving my kids to dance, hockey and other social engagements counts as travel. Light weight and comes in three different colours: blush, grey and black. You'll be reaching for it all of the time because of it's versatility. I received one as a gift and quickly went out and bought the other colours. It has now become one of my favourite go-to gifts - including teachers!

Joie Fair Isle Reading Socks from Indigo - $34.50

If you know anything about me you know that I am in love (ah hm, obsessed) with the Reading Socks from Indigo. Like so much so that someone thought I was an employee there once because I was selling them so hard. I have about 10 pairs and still continue to stock pile them when the are on sale to give as gifts (or to keep for myself - whatever). They also double as my favourite pair of sock inserts for my rain boots. Consider yourself warned.....that if you get one pair you will quickly want to own ALL.OF.THEM.

S'Well Water Bottle Geode Rose 17oz from Indigo - $45.00 

Water. You should be drinking your body weight in oz. GASP! I know. I LOVE Swell water bottles from Indigo because they keep my water cold while I'm on the go. This is one of those gift ideas that falls into the "they probably wouldn't buy it for them self but would love it" - be the person that makes their water bottle dreams come true.

Pocket Farmacy from Saje Natural Wellness - $59.95 
Lift & Lengthen Yoga Block from Lululemon - $18.00 
No Limits Stretching Strap from Lululemon - $16.00

S'Well Water Bottle Geode Rose 17oz from Indigo - $45.00 
Crystal Facial Roller in Rose Quartz from Indigo - $42.00

Daily essentials of my life. Yoga, water and all things Saje Natural Wellness. I think a lot of us have goals of wanting to live a "healthier life" - whatever that means. In my opinion this doesn't always have to come in the form of "cutting things out" but instead, maybe starting to add things that you need "more of". Things like taking more time for yourself, taking more deep breaths and filling your home with scents that will leave you feeling better.

Why I love Saje? They take the guesswork out of natural wellness. Whether you feel stressed, or suffer from headaches or anxiety - Saje products are perfectly formulated so that you don't have to think about it. Giving you more time to fill your life with whatever it is you need more of.

Crystal Facial Roller in Rose Quartz from Indigo - $42.00

This is one of those things that you want, but you don't necessarily buy, but you secretly want someone to just read your mind and buy it for you without you telling them. Oh, like you don't know what I'm talking about! This also might be my husband's least favourite quality about me - the one that has me wishing he was a mind-reader.

So what is it you ask? (don't worry, I didn't have a clue at one point too). I'm totally banking on this Rose Quartz facial roller to fulfill all of my beauty dreams by boosting circulation, stimulating facial muscles, and soothe tired or irritated skin. Not going to lie - I'm going to resist the urge to roll this all over my entire body. Does it come in a bigger size? Asking for a friend.....

'Girl, Wash Your Face' by Rachel Hollis from Indigo - $28.50
'Whiskey in a Teacup' by Reese Witherspoon from Indigo - $45.00 
'Cravings: Hungry for More' by Chrissy Teigen from Indigo - $39.99
'Magnolia Table' by Joanna Gaines from Indigo - $36.99

When coffee table books come in the form of an inspirational read I am ALL.IN. I feel like books are one of those things that I don't buy for myself but LOVE to receive as gifts. Am I right? Some of my absolute faves that you want to make sure are on your list this year to start 2019 off on the right foot:
1. Girl, Wash Your Face by Rachel Hollis
2. You're a Badass by Jen Sincero
3. Becoming by Michelle Obama 

I double dare you to not read them and have you screaming "yasssss" a la Oprah. Just saying, consider yourself warned - you'll be inspired.

Thermal-Knit One-Piece PJs from Old Navy - $36.94 

Give me all of the buffalo plaid from December - March. It immediately makes me feel comfy and cozy. Old Navy is your destination from onsies, to pj's, to thermal tights and holiday shirts. If you're one of those people that likes that matchy-matchy kinda a vibe I highly recommend you run (don't walk) straight to Old Navy and scoop up everything in sight!

Namastay Mat from Lululemon - $78.00 

Best way to shift your mood and move your body? Yoga. 7 years ago I signed up for a Mom & Baby yoga class and never looked back. Well, I actually dropped the Mom & Baby part and just took up the "Mom" part even taking it as far as becoming a certified teacher. I spend a LOT of time on my mat. It is the foundation of every pose and absolutely effects your practice. Whether you are just starting out or a regular - I love the mats from Lululemon because girl, the last thing you need is to be slipping all over your mat while you're trying to figure out a pose. Seriously. 

Namastay Mat from Lululemon - $78.00 

Piggy backing on yesterday's post about yoga - another great way to shift your mood and move your body? All things Lululemon for gear. You do not even want to know how many years I have been sweating in my lulu's and they are still holding up without any sign of wear. It is worth the investment. Ask for help and tell the educators in store what part of your lifestyle you need it for (even if it's weekend wear - I totally get it). Like any other type of clothing there are different styles and cuts that work best for each body shape - and once you find it (high rise luon wunder unders in my case) you will never buy anything else ever again......well, other than the same pair in multiple colours.

Purl-Knit Hat in Dusty Pink from Indigo - $24.50

That's a wrap everyone! Stay warm and safe this Holiday Season filling it with all of the things and people that you love! 

*All items avaliable at the Oshawa Centre. Inventory and price subject to change.