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Backpacks that get top marks!

And just like that, summer’s almost over. Some kids relish the idea of getting back to the books, others bid a sad farewell to summer. But one thing all students look forward to is a cool new backpack – the perfect accessory for everything from books and papers, to candy wrappers and last month’s permission slips!

Choosing the backpack

Your kids carry them every day, so something that suits their style is important, but what else should you look for?
  • First, you want something that’s sized to suit your child: packs should be no larger than a child’s back. Something overly big will be awkward and probably just encourages them to stuff too many things inside.
  • To prevent back strain, it should have two wide padded shoulder straps that adjust to fit snug against the body just above the waist. For added comfort, look for foam in the panel next to your child’s back.
  • A full zipper that stretches around from side to side gives kids easy access to books and binders, but additional pockets also make it easy to grab accessories like pencils, calculators, keys and phones. Also consider special compartments for laptops, lunches and water bottles.

* Inventory and price subject to change

Filling the backpack

  • Pick up the most coveted supplies to get your kids motivated – colourful notebooks, a set of pencil crayons, an amazing agenda book, pens in every colour and a trendy flash drive – for a fresh start to the new school year.
  • A cool, compartmentalized Bento box is the latest in eco-friendly lunchboxes and something all kids will be proud to show off. Fill it with essentials you buy in bulk to save money and waste and create delicious and nutritious snacks and lunches!

* Inventory and price subject to change

Create a dedicated backpack space

Want to avoid hearing “Mom, where’s my backpack?” or “Where’s my homework?” Manage clutter at home by creating a “backpack nook” with hooks or cubbies to keep their stuff in one place. It’s a clever way to keep your home – and your kids – organized!

* Inventory and price subject to change

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