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Loss Prevention Agent

Full Time

Protect the assets of the store against theft, and work with the Leadership team to maintain operational controls to
reduce shortage. Ensure the adherence to the SEPHORA concepts and culture, ensuring maximum profitability and
compliance with SEPHORA's objectives and policies.

Loss Prevention
- Conduct surveillance on the sales floor, as well as utilizing the CCTV system, to identify, observe, and apprehend
or deter individuals from committing external theft(s).
- Adhere to all laws and SEPHORA policies concerning apprehensions, search and seizure and the preservation of
- Identify and report to the DLPM (District Loss Prevention Manager) potential internal theft opportunities.
- Prepare prompt and complete reports relative to all theft incidents, merchandise recoveries, accident
investigations and audits.
- Testify in court on behalf of the company, in any case, criminal or civil, to which the Agent is summoned.
- Develop and maintain a professional relationship with all store personnel, as well as local law enforcement
agencies, mall security and other retailers.

As a Role Model
- Demonstrate and model client service.
- Be punctual at work and with all deadlines.
- Demonstrate self-control in all circumstances.
- Demonstrate enthusiasm and motivate cast.
- Demonstrate high ethical standards.
- Take initiative.
- Positive and compassionate behavior towards personnel, company, and clients.
- Be available to and flexible with cast.
- Foster and model respect and teamwork at all times.

People Development/Human Resources
- Supervise and train team to develop their client service skills and deterrence techniques, POS training where
appropriate, and any other necessary training.
- Provide effective coaching in the moment related to Loss Prevention.
- Inform and motivate staff to comply with SEPHORA policies.
- Respect diversity.
- Respect confidentiality.

- Heighten and maintain store Loss Prevention awareness by attending and participating in store cast meetings,
new hire trainings and continuous cast training.
- Assist in the training of corporate initiatives and store policy and procedures, including the POS Manual.

- Conduct store self audits, checklists and safety inspections. Communicate findings to store Leadership team.
- Assist store Leadership team with inventory preparation and process.
- Partner with the store and DLPM in the development and execution of shrinkage prevention plans.
- Ensure compliance with all SEPHORA policies and procedures.
- Ensure compliance with SEPHORA's cash handling and shortage prevention procedures.
- Ensure that store funds (including petty cash) and deposits are maintained in accordance with SEPHORA's
- Quality decision making skills that reflect values and store policies by using available resources (Leadership
team, internal reference material).
- Ensure store safety standards are maintained, including standards of safety and cleanliness "back stage": stock
room, lockers, kitchen, bathroom, etc.
- Perform other store related duties as assigned.


Technical Skills and Specific Requirements
- Operate CCTV, POS and computer, including Outlook, Word and Excel.
- Willingness to work flexible hours, including evenings, weekends and holidays.
- Wear costume provided and follow personal appearance guidelines as stated in the Employee Handbook.

Experience Preferred
- 1-2 years of assets protection/loss prevention experience in a retail environment.

Minimum Educational Level
- High School Graduate or equivalent. College degree preferred.
- Satisfy and maintain all licensing requirements (as required by state or local jurisdiction).

- Work in a fragrance filled environment.
- Move around "on-stage," "back stage" and offices for entire shift.
- Lift and carry 50 pounds.
- Bend and stretch to stock shelves.


Loss Prevention
- Promote and demonstrate deterrence and recovery.
- Maintain composure at all times, including during an apprehension.
- Strong written, verbal, interviewing, listening and interpersonal communication.

People Development
- Communication, including positive or constructive feedback, individual or group.
- Be perceived as a leader and maintain objective and professional relationships with brand partners, key
stakeholders, cast, peers, and supervisors.

Client Service
- Client service oriented.
- Knowledge of retail.

Operational Efficiency
- Ensure operational standards are compliant at all times.
- React to situations in the moment.

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