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We are closed until further notice. Access to essential services, curbside pick-up and restaurants/food courts vendors offering take-out or delivery will be maintained, in accordance with governmental guidelines.

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Family Services


Private washrooms are located at the north side of the Food Court designed just for families! This unique facility is ideal for mom or dad to provide comfort to their child(ren). It is fully equipped along with lower toilets for your little ones and is exclusively for families. To gain access use the buzzer at the washrooms and security will let you in. Another family washroom is located near Centre Court in the corridor adjacent to Continental Currency Exchange.



We have reserved 16 prime parking spots just for our family guests. They have been designed to comfortably accommodate families with child(ren) or expecting mothers.



A private area for nursing mothers is located within the women's washrooms at the north side of the food court. This area features a quiet room for nursing mothers with comfortable chairs and small area for young children to play. 


Note: Strollers are unavailable at this time.

Smarte Carte strollers with iPad are now located at entrances 2, 5, and 7.  They are $8 to rent, and the machines accept cash and major credit cards.  Upon return of the stroller $1 is returned to you.