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As of July 10, face masks or coverings are mandatory at our shopping centre. To learn more, click here.

Comfy is AWESOMENESS! - Enjoy the great outdoors, sitting around the campfire, making smores, listening to music with family and friends - in maximum comfort! Comfy are furniture transformers. No other single piece of furniture conforms to your body's every curve. Put on the outdoor cover and feel free to jump on the furniture! It's a chair, recliner, sofa, beanbag, BED (yes that's right...a BED) and it props up and out of the way when you are done, saving you lots of room. Bright and colorful for either outdoor events or indoor fun! And very light! Our vision has been to combine the best aspects of comfort and design, a product that revolves around, well... you. We believe Comfy is something you will grow with, not out of. You can learn of more ways to use it, contort it and new places to enjoy it.

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